Justin Grays (jasonecaesar) wrote,
Justin Grays

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  • Sun, 12:20: RT @SamSykesSwears: @senatemajldr You don’t care. You’re counting the moments until you can quietly cash your next paycheck. Stop insulting…
  • Sun, 12:21: RT @ZiziFothSi: If you want to claim the heritage of your ancestors who “built modern civilisation” you also have to claim the heritage of…
  • Sun, 12:21: RT @ZiziFothSi: And let me tell you something, in the average family tree a lot more people shat their pants to death than made any lasting…
  • Sun, 12:22: RT @ZiziFothSi: I made a comment about how my great aunt, who never married or had kids, lived one of the most rich and full lives I’ve eve…
  • Sun, 21:17: Avoiding Tokenism in Literature at CONvergence 2018 https://t.co/dTGBqFCgMx
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