Justin Grays (jasonecaesar) wrote,
Justin Grays

My tweets

  • Thu, 11:19: RT @Coelasquid: When you're on a cross-country motorcycle road trip every old guy in the world who has ever ridden a motorcycle at any poin…
  • Thu, 11:19: RT @Coelasquid: Reading the commentary on those Calvin and Hobbes anniversary omnibuses and the like that came out over the years was eye o…
  • Thu, 11:20: RT @Coelasquid: Stranger: “are you cosplaying that new Borderlands Siren?” Me: “I don’t... know what that... is... I just look like this...”
  • Thu, 11:20: RT @LindsayPB: @Coelasquid someone once asked "are you cosplaying Scorpia from the new She-Ra?" to which my unwavering response is "I *am*…
Tags: #allsystemsred, #murderbot, twitter
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