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Ne Cede Malis Sed Contra Audientor Ito.

Do not yield to misfortunes, but go more boldly to meet them.

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Justin Grays
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What to say, what to say? 27 year old male, single (mostly), full time student, totally awesome. More to come later, when I figure out what to say.
adventure, balance, being naked, beliefs, blessings, bonfires, books, calvin and hobbes, cat people, cats, chocolate, chocolate icecream, cleavage, curvy women, daria, deep space nine, dilbert, dr pepper, dreams, ds9, education, elements, enterprise, faeries, fantasy, fantasy art, fencing, fishing, freedom, friends, geeks, gemstones, ghostbusters, ghosts, hanging out, harry potter, holding hands, honor, honor guard, honor harrington, honorverse, horatio hornblower, hugs, indiana jones, individuality, intelligence, internet, invader zim, justice, kissing, kittens, knowledge, learning, life, livejournal, looking at the stars, love, lust, macintosh, massages, math, meditation, meeting new people, military, monty python, moon, mrf, music, mythology, nature, nature spirits, nerdiness, nerds, night photography, night-time, nights, nudity, obscure referrences, ok soda, philosophy, photography, photos, physics, pictures, pool, procrastination, quotes, rain, rainbows, random thoughts, randomness, reading, relaxing, renaissance festivals, role-playing games, rotc, royal manticoran navy, rpg, science fiction, self expression, sensitivity, settlers of catan, sex, sexuality, sleep, sleeping, sleeping naked, sleeping with people, sleepovers, snow, soda, space exploration, spirit guides, spirits, star gazing, star trek, star wars, starcraft, starfox, stars, strategy games, sun, sun showers, sunrise, sunset, sunsets, swords, telescopes, tenacious d, the fairly odd parents, the next generation, the osbournes, theory, thinking, thunderstorms, tng, truth, understanding, unicorns, unity, useless trivia, voyager, walking barefoot, water, wind, winter, wisdom, wizards, writers, writing

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